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Friday, October 17, 2003

Doggone Dolphin Bites Boy

As Dolphin DE Jason Taylor was chasing down Byron Leftwich last Sunday, his dog Bull, a male Akita, was mauling a 15-year old boy in the latest off-field incident for the dog & gun enthusiast. Vicky Agnew has the troubling story for the Sun-Sentinel.

The attack was so fierce that Broward County Animal Care officials deemed the dog, a male Akita, dangerous, and said Thursday that it would be euthanized after the mandatory quarantine. They added that Taylor has been cited twice before, most recently on Oct. 7, for allowing the dog to run loose...The boy's forearms were heavily bandaged and one hand was in a splint Thursday afternoon. His father said the teen had no sensation in one of his hands.

Sherry Wallice, a board member of the Akita Club of America, said Akitas are known for their independence. If the dog was not accustomed to being tied up, he may have felt threatened by something the boy did unintentionally, she said.

The club says the following about Akitas on its Web site:

It is a Japanese breed believed to be a symbol of good health, prosperity and good fortune.

Akitas are inherently aggressive toward other animals and should not be allowed to run free. Off leash, they should be exercised away from other animals and people.

Broward County fined Taylor a meesly $212.50 for the dog biting incident.

Patriots Gunning for Miami

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports on Coach Belichick challenging the Patriots to reverse recent history in South Florida. The Patriots have never won in Miami in September or October.

Belichick is so fed up with the Patriots' budding tradition of losing at Miami that he addressed the issue almost immediately after Sunday's win over the New York Giants.

The coach's message was simple: Get over this victory quickly and focus on Miami.

Miami DE Jason Taylor, who while not being held at gunpoint by his father(click here for Taylor family gun play), has given the Patriots and OT Matt Light fits, discounts the Patriots Coach motivational tactics.

And while some Miami players see residual reasons Belichick's challenge might help the Patriots -- Buckley said some of his former teammates might watch extra game tape during the week -- defensive end Jason Taylor finds none....''I'm not one for that,'' he said. ``That's kind of a high school and college thing to me...."But is that their whole rallying cry?''

The Patriots look to unarm Taylor and his father if attending Pro Player Stadium this Sunday.

Pats Defense Shines Under Crennel

New England Patriots Defensive Coordinator Romeo Crennel does not get enough credit coaching under Bill Belichick. Crennel was a finalist for the 49er's head coaching job in the offseason. Belichick told the 49er's that it was Crennel, not him that makes all the defensive calls during the games. The Boston Globe's Michael Smith takes a look at the coach known as RAC.

Belichick gets most of the credit, but he'll be the first to admit that Crennel does most of the work. You didn't think he was working 18 hours a day on his cover letter, did you? Belichick offers suggestions and, ultimately, has the final call, but it's Crennel who devises those ingenious game plans. He calls the game. He's the real mad scientist.

Belichick wasn't ready to be without his right-hand man. "That was a major concern of ours, losing somebody of that quality," he said. "But on the other hand, you recognize that sooner or later somebody is going to see all of the positive attributes that he brings. Selfishly, it's great to have him because he's a rock. His personality is very steady and solid . . . He's got a real calmness about him, but at the same time a toughness that goes with it."

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Dolphin Wedding Blues

Miami rookie left tackle Wade Smith has jumped into the starting lineup and into matrimony. Jason Cole of the Miami Herald has the story of the rookie groom.

Dolphins might be worried about the effects of so much playing time so quickly for rookie left tackle Wade Smith, he gave them an interesting bit of reassurance last week that he can handle the on- and off-field distractions that often eat up young players in the NFL.

He got married. On an off day. Then showed up for work the next day.

The honeymoon was postponed but Wade didn't quite have his legs under him against the Jaguars last week.

Smith followed that with what coach Dave Wannstedt thought was the worst game of Smith's young career when he struggled Sunday against Jacksonville. In particular, Smith missed a block that allowed defensive end Hugh Douglas to get into the backfield and force a fumble as running back Ricky Williams tried to hand off to wide receiver Chris Chambers on a reverse.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Patriots Top G-Men 17-6

Ron Borges marvels at the perseverance of the New England Patriots.

Rodney Harrison had the word for what happened to the New England Patriots yesterday but in reality it is a word that could describe what has been happening with them all season. They persevered.

Despite gaining only 29 yards in the first half and failing to convert a third down until the third quarter, they persevered.

The Boston Herald's Michael Felger looks at the Patriots win and the upcoming challenge in Miami.

His players hadn't even gotten their pads off following a 17-6 victory over the Giants at Gillette Stadium yesterday when Belichick walked into the locker room and challenged them for what's next: the Dolphins in Miami.

In the 37 years that the Patriots and Dolphins have been playing football, the Pats have never won a game in Miami in September or October. Autumn is when the South Florida sun still fires hot and the Dolphins usually burst out of the gate. Belichick's Pats have lost their last three attempts in Miami by a cumulative score of 66-26.

Shalise Manza Young in the Providence Journal looks at Rodney Harrison's impact on the New England defense.

Harrison made nine tackles yesterday (five solo), deflected two passes, and picked off two of his own, both times the beneficiary of Richard Seymour deflections, in the Patriots' 17-6 win over the Giants.

"I was excited to go out there and play against such a competitive team. You always get excited about playing against the best, and I think Shockey is the best tight end in the league. It was just fun for me to go out there and just play football," he said.

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